In September of 2013, I signed up to be an Ambassador for Bright Pink, a women’s health non-profit based out of Chicago.

Bright Pink’s mission is two-fold: early detection and active risk reduction of breast and ovarian cancers. Bright Pink strives to teach women how to catch these diseases at non life-threatening stages, and encourages us to live proactively!

For the last three years, I’ve traveled to universities, conferences, offices and I’ve coached young women on the breast and ovarian health basics. I’ve presented in a number of environments, from lecture halls to foyers to hair salons.

We already know that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, that ovarian cancer is deadliest of gynecologic diseases, and that young women are not exempt from cancer, but do you know what these diseases look like? Do you know what YOUR individual risk for developing either of them is? (Hint, if you have boobs or ovaries, your minimum risk for breast or ovarian cancer is 12% and 1.3% respectively). My role as Education Ambassador is to get this information out there!

My presentation covers a LOT of bases… we talk about everything from breast self-exams to family planning, from your genes to your diet. I don’t want to spoil all the fun so you guys are just going to have book me for a Brighten Up workshop. (Seriously, email me!). The overarching message however is so, so simple: taking care of your breast and ovarian health starts with education and action!

We also talk about all of the resources Bright Pink offers to help you: a quiz that provides a basis for assessing your individual risk, a guide to understanding your genes, and a monthly reminder to be breast self-aware! You can find them all here.

Bright Pink has the incredible goal this year is to educate 330,000 women and 6000 health care providers. I am so excited by the work they do and I love that I get to help them reach their goals. You can help Bright Pink, too! Feeling charitable this season? Donate or volunteer! Love running for a cause? Consider joining Team Bright Pink!

It’s a personal goal of mine to run the Chicago Marathon for Bright Pink one day and up until this point only TK was aware of that bucket list item. I would love to assemble a team to run the marathon with me!

So that’s it you guys- eat your veggies, gather your family health history, and share this information with a woman you love. Make an impact!