I think I have decided on a specific direction for ChangeUp.

I want people to contribute their own writing on their initiatives. I want to build a platform for people to write about their experiences and their challenges and successes when it comes to positive impact.

For example: My fiance is a volunteer for Bright Pink and regularly goes to college campuses and corporations to give talks about preventative measures for breast cancer. These sessions run from as little as 10 people to as many as 75! It would be great for Chelsie and other Bright Pink ambassadors to use ChangeUp to write about her experience and even use it as an educational platform. (we’ve already talked about her contributing, don’t worry I’m not using this to blackmail her into participating…or maybe I am).

Another example: My cousin Marcus put on a charity lacrosse tournament last fall to raise money for the American Kidney Fund as his brother was fighting with Goodpasture Syndrome (a form of Kidney Failure). Unfortunately we lost Matthew to the disease, but Marcus is running the tournament for a second year and plans to build it bigger every year to raise funds and awareness for Kidney Disease. ChangeUp could be a platform for Marcus to write about his experiences, trials, tribulations, and ultimate successes of the tournament and his continuing involvement with the Kidney Fund.

Even if you went out and ran a 5k for Charity XYZ or volunteer at an animal shelter, I want you to be able to contribute to ChangeUp to share your story about why you do what you. This isn’t about me building a blog, its about spreading good news and spreading ways for people to help/contribute to helping lives that need it. I want to get to the point where someone logs in from Colorado or Chicago or New York and sees all the different people and organizations that are making an impact in their area and join them.

You can contribute once, or come back as often as you want. If you are uncomfortable posting yourself but want your story or cause highlighted, let me know and I will write about it for you.

Spread the word. Make an Impact.

Let’s do this.