The other day I decided to give a bunch of my old clothes away. I posted a picture of all of them on Facebook and told folks they could have a shirt if they donated money to some sort of charity or foundation or a cause they believed in. The response was overwhelming. 30 of the 35 shirts/shorts that I put up were claimed and the money donated by the end of that same day. Together we raised $498 for 15 different causes!

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(The Lynchburg stuff went the quickest)

So after this random thought, I’ve decided I want to start something. While I am not 100% where to go from here, I find it better to jump off into the deep end and figure out the way from there. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Promote charities, foundations, or general causes that we can all take part in.
  • Showcase YOUR service work that you do in your community.
  • More clothing drives, food drives, or anything that you want to raise awareness for.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on helping to make the world a better place!