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The Beginning

The other day I decided to give a bunch of my old clothes away. I posted a picture of all of them on Facebook and told folks they could have a shirt if they donated money to some sort of charity... Continue Reading →

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In September of 2013, I signed up to be an Ambassador for Bright Pink, a women’s health non-profit based out of Chicago. Bright Pink's mission is two-fold: early detection and active risk reduction of breast and ovarian cancers. Bright Pink... Continue Reading →


Checking in with a few things that we went to over the past month. Check out these events and put them on your calendar for next year. Shoot me any other events to write about that you guys will be... Continue Reading →


Sorry it's been forever since I posted something. My real job has been taking up most of my time and I have been working on getting some content ready to post here soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share... Continue Reading →


I think I have decided on a specific direction for ChangeUp. I want people to contribute their own writing on their initiatives. I want to build a platform for people to write about their experiences and their challenges and successes... Continue Reading →

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